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Detective Allison Carr pushed her way through the crowded hotel lobby and into an elevator. At the tenth floor she found a forensics crew already at work. "What have we got here?" she asked Officer Frost. "Victim is one Jacob Williams," Frost said. "He and his wife and another couple are here for a week's vacation." "I need names," Carr said. "Wife's name is Kate. The other couple is James and Cindy Jones." Carr jotted the names into a small notebook. "Okay. Now, what happened?" "The two couples were in the casino gambling. They had plans to eat at one of the city's most exclusive restaurants. Very classy place. Anyhow, Williams left the casino first to come up here to shower, shave, and dress. The others came up later. When they were dressed and ready to go out, Williams hadn'

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James Jones killed Jacob Williams. When she was shown the scene of the crime, Detective Carr realized something was missing. Jacob Williams was preparing to go to a formal dinner, but nowhere in the room were the white dress shirt, bow tie, or studs he would need for his tuxedo. Then she remembered the smear on Williams' hand. Nothing in the room was found that indicated where he had wiped the hand. She realized that after he was shot, Williams must have clutched at his wound, getting his hand bloody. Then he wiped the hand on the closest thing he could - his killer's clothing. The killer certainly couldn't leave Williams' room with bloody clothes, so he removed them, burned them in the fireplace, and put on Williams' shirt, tie, and studs. The only person in the group in a tux was James Jones, so Carr deduced he was the killer.

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