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Six men have 6 bags each. In every bag there are 6 cats, each cat has 6 kittens. How many legs in all?|

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6,060 Here is how you get the answer: You go 6*2 for the mens legs, so that is 12. Put that number off to the side. Then you go 6*6 for the bags so that is 36. You go 36*6 for the number of cats and that is 216. You then take 216*4 for the legs, and then you should get 864 (now put that number off to the side). You now take 216*6 (1296) for the number of kittens and then 1296*4 and you should get 5,184 for the kittens legs (keep that number) because you already multiplied the legs together you don't have to do it again. Now here is how you get 6,060: 5,184 + 864 + 12 = 6,060 Did you get it yet?
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