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The wind hit the faces of the four friends with vigor force. Todd jerked Clea's arm and whispered, "No, it's this way.." "You're crazy," she shot back. "I know these trails better than you ever will. You wanna win this thing? Follow me." Todd retorted stubbornly, "No way! I'll manage on my own." He walked off down one of the paths and soon disappeared into the dark trees. Clea scoffed and continued on in a different direction. ~ A few hundred yards away, Jake and Bryan were stealthily making their way through the prickly shrub. "Found anything yet?" Jake whispered as softly as he could but the silence of the night still made his voice stand out. "Keep it down, wouldya?" Bryan scolded. "No, I haven't found anything. We don't even know what we're looking for, remember?" "

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Answer: Red Team-Pebblespring Clea-toothbrush, stream Todd-belt, leaves Blue Team-Shadybrook Jake-hairdryer, log Bryan-frying pan, shack ~ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (two of the leader) announced to the campers that the Red Team was victorious, having found all of their items and the correct campsite first. Clea and Todd slapped high fives and Jake and Bryan groaned. "We'll see who comes out a winner in our NEXT game.." Jake said with a sportsmanlike smile. ~ **Please leave a comment.** If you guys like this style, I'll be sure to come up with more like this featuring the four friends. Feel free to use this type of style in your own teaser creations :) Hope you enjoyed it! ~Kristyn (sftbaltwty)

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