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"The town's richest man was killed late last night in a shocking murder," the reporter exclaimed from the television across the room. "Chief Graham tells us that the police are carefully investigating everything and everyone, but they have no lead suspect yet." Chief Graham let out a sigh as he looked out the window at the reporter and the large crowd still gathered outside. "Isn't there anything better to do in this town than hang around a crime scene all day?" "No sir," answered Detective Jefferson. "Just the bowling alley, but it's really lame." "My nephew runs the bowling alley." "That's right, sir! And what a lovely bowling alley it is! Fantastic...pins." "Will you just go over the facts with me one more time, detective?" "Well, we found Mr. Hampton's body in the deep freezer

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"What!? What is it!?" Detective Jefferson asked. "The mailman said Mr. Hampton's mail often piles up because he rarely leaves the house, right?" "Yeah." "And the last time we have a confirmed contact with the victim was when his daughter spoke with him on the phone last Saturday. And the body is frozen. He's in such good condition, it's hard to say if he's been in there hours, days, or weeks. When would you say this man was killed?" "How am I supposed to know!? Some time between last Saturday and when the mailman found him this morning." "Right. We know more about this case than anyone, and that is the best time-of-death we can come up with..."

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