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Nora sat on the clubhouse verandah ("Aspirate the final 'h', deah; it shows you pay attention") of the Uppity Pines Golf Club, nursing an honest-to-goodness mint julep. If she'd known how potent the things were, she never would have ordered a second one. She blamed it on the cute little mint leaves. Still, she had only a light "buzz" as the final group came to the 18th green, greeted by a round of applause from some 200 spectators, all of whom appeared to shop at the same sporting goods store. As Nora felt she was recovering full use of her faculties, a roar went up from the green. She saw a shiny putter raised high into the air. It had a funny shape, but she remembered that there were some unusual styles of clubs available these days. Looking at those around her, Nora concluded t

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Rex drew a penalty under PGA rules.

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