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Manus the Magnificent has an extraordinary skill. Armed with his 1000 year old sword, he can cut in half anything brought to him. And I do mean ANYTHING. People have brought him things you would never think could be cut in half. Manus always finds a way to do it though. Of course, Manus has a few rules. You can't bring him anything dead, nor anything breathing. Also, it must be able to fit inside his Special Box, which is a 4'x2' box, constructed from transparent fiberglass, which Manus amazingly has every time he does this trick. It's been said that someone almost stumped Manus by bringing him a hair from their head. But, Manus put the single hair in the box, raised his sword, brought it down on the box, and gave it back to the individual; 2 hairs, cut in half. He really did earn the titl

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The man accepting Manus' challenge is what you might call a 'little person.' (He stands at 4' 11" tall). Like Manus, he has an extraordinary skill: He can hold his breath for up to three minutes! He therefore put himself in the 4'x2' fiberglass box. He held his breath while in the box to meet Manus' requirement of 'not breathing.' (Note that Manus said "not breathing" but he didn't say it couldn't be alive). Of course, he wasn't dead either, so he met that requirement. The man happened to be there on the occasion he heard Manus say that he never had anyone's blood on his hands as a result of this act. Thus, he knew Manus wouldn't even attempt the trick this time. He put himself on the line, and won. Oh, and as for changing color: The last time the man held his breath 2 minutes, he turned BLUE. Fortunately, it didn't go that far this time.

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