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It was Detective QuickWit's first day on the job in Middleboorn MD. He had been called down to "Uncle Walt's Traveling Circus Fantastic" to investigate the deaths of two local teenagers. Bill and Ben Brook had been found dead, locked inside of Willy Bearish's Dancing Bear Chuck's cage. Both boys were covered in bite and claw marks, leaving them nearly torn to shreds. Upon approaching the crime scene, the detective noticed two local cops accosting Mr. Bearish rather savagely. "Now wise up, Bub, and just confess, we know ya did it!" The old man shook his head. "No no, it wasn't me. Sure, them kids bothered the livin outta me but I'd never lock 'em in there with Chuck!" The detective walked over calmly. "Alright, now what is all this?" "This here old man, he's the one ya want. He

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Think about what Quickwit saw at the crime scene.

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