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It was good to have the house full of people again; it had been far too quiet since the last of his seven daughters had left for college--seven daughters with seven different majors at seven different schools. About the only thing they had in common was that they were each dating an athlete, although none of them played the same sport--one was even on his school's fencing team. He was surprised all the boyfriends had come for Christmas dinner, but he supposed that since he was picking up the tab for the airfare, that a free trip to Hawaii in the winter had something to do with it. Each of his first three daughters had gone to Ivy League schools--one even to his alma mater at Harvard; his next two ended up at the University of California, at Los Angeles and Berkeley; and his two youngest

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Pay attention to the flow of the conversation, but don't assume more than can be firmly established. Also, some information relies on the following facts: Christmas is on December 25th. New Years Eve is celebrated (usually by drinking too much alcohol) on December 31st. Swimming, fencing and wrestling are not games. Football, baseball, water polo and golf are games played with a ball. Fencing and wrestling are combat competitions. The game of American football is not a collegiate sport outside the United States; the player that passes the ball is the quarterback; there are more than forty players on a football team. Water polo is a game played in a pool with 7 players on each team; points are scored by throwing the ball into the opponents net, which is guarded by the goal keeper; the ball is moved across the pool either by swimming with it or passing it to another player. Ivy League schools are located on the East Coast of the United States. Harvard, Yale and Princeton are all Ivy League schools. Oxford University is in Oxford, England. Tokyo University is in Tokyo, Japan. Los Angeles and Berkeley are cities in California. Waikiki is a city in Hawaii. Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean. The following are approximate distances from Hawaii: Berkeley and Los Angeles ~ 2500 miles Tokyo ~3900 miles Yale, Harvard and Princeton ~5000 miles England ~7000 miles Biology and physics are physical sciences; none of the other majors is a physical science. High school in America typically includes the last three or four years of school before college. A designated driver remains sober in order to drive people who've had too much alcohol home. A monogram is formed from the first letter of a person's first, last and (sometimes) middle names.

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