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"Nora Shekrie, your reputation precedes you." Her second cousin once added, Sir Loine of Boef met her at the rail depot near his home in Northumberland, UK. "I'll sue the Mirror," she grinned; he returned the smile. "Truly, Ralph Pennies thinks quite highly of you, and we think highly of his recommendations on this side of the pond." "I'll admit, it came as quite a surprise." "Quite. I understand that this is your first murder case?" "It's the first time anyone has ever hired me to consult." "Really! An auspicious beginning, I must say. Reads like one of those trade paperbacks, I suppose." He gestured at the bookseller's across the street. "Perhaps; I wouldn't know. Now that I'm here, please tell me the facts as you know them. Ralph was hardly lucid, especially over t

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It wasn't his accent this time.

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