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Hard Prison CupCakes Riddle |

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Bea Smith , Vera Bennett, Franky Doyle and Doreen Anderson were in Wentworth Prison for murder. But their behavior on the jails is appreciated by the warden and the warden decided to give all these 4 prisoners 11 cupcakes.They all like cupcakes and they had all cupcakes in no matter of time but they do not know how many cupcake each individual had.Therefore Bea started the conversation Bea : "Hey T-Vera, did you had more cupcakes than I had ?"Vera : "I do not know girl, Hey Franky, did you had more cupcakes than I had ?".Franky: "I do not know"Doreen replied instantlyDoreen: "I know how exactly how many cupcakes each of you had?"So can you tell how many cupcakes each of them had ?

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Bea : 1 cupcake
Vera : 2 cupcakes
Franky: 3 cupcakes
Doreen : 5 cupcakes

It is obvious if the prisoner person has eaten five or more of cupcakes than she wound not raise this question "did you had more cupcakes than me?" because it will make her the one who had eaten most cupcakes.

* Bea must do not have eater 5 cupcakes, therefore she has eaten anywhere between 1-4 cupcakes.
* Since Bea asked her the question Vera knows the fact that Bea has eaten 1-4 cupcakes and based on Vera reply, it is obvious she has eaten 2-4 cupcakes.
* Franky knows Vera replied with the answer as "I do not know and based on above logic, she must have had 3 or 4 cupcakes.
* Doreen replied she know all, which indicates she must have eaten 5.

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