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Detective James Gordon - Hot Air Balloon Brain Teaser |

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In Gotham, a thief was found dead and the police were unable to solve the mystery behind the death. The dead man was found in a desert naked and with a half of the toothpick. One day before the death, the man along with his three friends were spotted by a witness crossing the desert using a hot air balloon. The witness also mentioned that all the four men throw their clothes off probably because the balloon was losing the attitude because of overweight.
Detective James Gordon was called to solve the death, mystery and he immediately tells everyone how the thief died. Can you explain the same?

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Detective James Gordon explains that the balloon was losing attitude so all friends decided to take off their clothes in order to decrease the overall weight but when balloon continues to lose the attitude they decide one of them need to jump to the desert to decrease the weight.
The man who must jump is decided by the famous death game where one who picks the shortest toothpick must die.

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